What is Human Design?

Human Design is called the Science of Differentiation.

Our current Western society is set up to reward "sameness", everyone homogenized into little carbon copies of everyone else.

It is beginning to change, but the current model 'ideal' looks a little something like this:

Go to school and behave (and we all know that means don't think for yourself or go against the grain, just do what you're told). Then go on to higher education to validate your learning so you can get a 'good job', one that pays well so that you can buy all of the things society tells you that you 'need'. Now that you have the job and the money, abide by the laws, don't make waves. Find a mate and settle down to start a family. Work hard at your job and if it's a job that you like that's merely a bonus, not a requirement. Work until you retire at a respectable age when you are set, settled, and less likely to make any waves with your free time. And putter around quietly until you reach the end of your life.

That is considered to be and 'ideal' life. Everyone in a single file line, being good and doing what they're told until the die.

But this leaves out the fact that every single human is unique! With unique needs and wants, different abilities and energy, and a unique soul's purpose!

We are all born with unique traits and abilities. We all have individual life experiences and dreams. Human Design opens the door to discover who you are, how you are different, and celebrates your uniqueness! It offers insights and strategies to help you embrace that uniqueness and work with your own individual energy signature rather than trying to cram you into our current societal structure.

At it's core, Human Design is a synthesis of four esoteric systems and four branches of science combined by the intuition of the creator of HD-- but it does not require you to believe anything or to change your current faith or spiritual beliefs. It is merely an invitation to experiment with the information it contains to see how it could benefit you in the way you live your life.

My own personal experience and the results of others that I have guided through this process have been extraordinary. It resonates differently with each person. Some people find it is the missing piece of insight for which they have been seeking and for others it's an interesting validation that they are intuitively already on their right path. There is no 'right way' to experience this information.

I like to joke that it is the "Owner's Manual" for yourself that you didn't know existed.

Here is an overview of the very opening basic framework of this complex system:

It is a chart based system (using your birth data much the way an astrological natal chart works).

5 Basic Types

Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.

These categories narrow the focus to your unique energy based on the chart from your birth data. For each type there is and over view of:

1. Aura - which is just a way of saying, how others experience your being, your presence, your energy.

2. Purpose - this is an overview of what this type of energy is uniquely suited to do in the world, it's piece in the greater whole.

3. Strategy - how to utilize these unique traits in relationship to others on a daily basis.

4. Authority - how you can make decisions in alignment with your energy and soul's desires. Essentially it's how your intuition works.

5. Self/ Not-Self - I call this the 'trip-wire'. This identifies what consistently shows up in your world when you are out of alignment with yourself.

The entire Human Design system can take a lifetime to explore, but if you go no further in Human Design but knowing these five basic things I have found that you can alleviate so much stress, anxiety, struggle, confusion, frustration, and the overall exhaustion of trial and error in the pursuit of who you are, what you are meant to do, and how best to go about it.

(I offer all of this information in a basic chart reading to help clear away the overwhelm and confusion of seeing and understanding your chart for the first time. Click here for info.)

So I invite you to explore the Science of Differentiation with an open heart and an experimental mind to see what it can offer you.

For me it has been life changing.

As always, take what serves you and leave the rest.

All my love,