Why I use Human Design for Business

I have always said that business is the ultimate experience of self development.

I struggled for years trying to 'overcome my weaknesses" so that I could be better, do more, and achieve greatness!

What I was missing is that I was focusing in all the wrong places. I was looking at where I needed to be better instead of learning to leverage my strengths for maximum benefit to myself and to my clients.

What I have discovered is that through Human Design I was able to calm my internal struggle and relax into being more of who I am. Other people do that through Buddhist meditation retreats others through therapy and still others through exercise or following a yogic path. I have dabbled in all of these avenues and met wonderfully aligned, joy filled humans on their path. But for me, Human Design was the thing that turned the key in my awareness. It was the thing that allowed me to see that I have amazing things to offer this world and that by working with and leveraging those gifts I could stop struggling.

Because it's been so instrumental for me, I began offering it to others. Having these conversations with others about how they operate in the world and how they can use their gets to benefit the world through the vehicle of their business truly lights me up!

You see, our world is full of people shouting from the rooftops, "Follow this way to success!" and "I found THE way to happiness!", but they miss the point that everyone is unique. What works for some doesn't work for others. I have found this to be acutely true.

I guide people into the awareness of how unique they are (through their unique Human Design reading) and how to use their unique set of skills in their business. We talk about things like; scheduling, energy management, what type of clients will bring them joy, website design, communication strategy, if a partnership is right for them, and other practical, tangible things that lead to more time, more money, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

This knowledge can truly be woven into all facets of business at all levels.

That, in a nutshell, is how and why I use Human Design in my business. I have never found anything so applicable, profound, and simple to clear away the clutter and get right down to the heart of a fulfilling business and life.