​I just found Human Design, where do I start!?


Well hello there! Welcome to Human Design!  You’re embarking on a potentially life changing journey! This system has the power to show you how you operate in the world and how to harness your own unique energy signature so that you can be the fullest expression of who you came to earth to be... you know, no biggie!

Discovering Human Design can be overwhelming at first. There are so many aspects to it and each little intricate part holds a world of information and understanding within it. So my advice when you begin is just to take a breath.

This process is an unfolding. I’ve laid out three helpful things below that I wish someone had told me when I first began. These are things I have come to know over time that can help you shortcut some of the initial overwhelm and confusion.

Oh my gosh! This is so much to take in? Where can I learn more?

You can’t/won’t learn it all in a week.

This is a system that took eight years to come into being and can take a lifetime to understand. It is a process of unlearning all that the world is trying to push into you so that you can discover who you are. A lifetime of unlearning and relearning doesn’t happen over night. Give yourself time to work through it.

I am available for conversations and any questions that you might have.


What happens if I dislike parts or all of this system?

My life motto is, take what serves you and leave the rest. You may not be ready for this journey, and that’s totally ok! Take you time. If one or two things resonate with you, take them and enjoy. Live your life.

But if your discovery of HD is like it was for me, it’ll keep coming back around. You can always pick it up when you are ready.

Human Design doesn’t just show us the best parts of ourselves, it shows us all the parts of ourselves... even the ones we’d rather not admit to. So if you’re feeling resistance you have two choices: get curious and inquire within about why you’re having these feelings arise or you can set it down and move on.


Do I have to have someone else read my chart or can I learn more on my own?

You can do either or both. Some people just want a basic overview and that’s enough for them. Others are voracious and can’t get enough... for those people I say, I have a book list for you!

My own process of discovery was uncomfortable in the beginning because I tried to go at it alone. I  didn’t engage with a guide at first to help me understand the nuance. The terminology can be confusing and misleading of you’re coming to it with your own understanding of certain terms. Human Design is it’s own language and that can lean to misunderstanding.


I encourage you to talk to someone versed in the HD lexicon to help you work through what you don’t understand or what bothers you, though it’s not necessary. If you are going it alone, give yourself time to be skeptical as you dig in.

It is really a system that is designed for you to get to know yourself at the deepest levels so that you can deeply live who you are. If that’s not what you’re taking away from it, feel free to reach out.


I’m not into religion, is this a religion?

This question always makes me laugh! No! It doesn’t ask you to adopt or discard any religious leanings you have either toward or against.

I know of several Christians and people without any religious affiliation who are HD readers and guides.

The basic premise of this system is that we are a soul who incarcerated on this planet at this time for a certain purpose. We chose certain abilities and constraints in service to our higher evolution.

I suspect that if you are here, you either share the same thought or are at least willing to consider it.

And so, whoever you are, whatever you believe, you are welcome here.

As always, take what serves you, inquire about what you may not understand, and leave the rest.

My final offering of insight...

As with any system, there are those who truly want to help empower you and those who would like you to rely on them for guidance.

I believe that the truth always feel uplifting and loving. If you come across a training or a person who feels confusing, clutching or just plain icky, I’d encourage you to listen to your intuition. Don’t be afraid to find another source of guidance.

The truth always feels like love.