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"Laura Olsen is an invaluable resource of inspiration, innovation, and support for my business. I find myself hiring her on a regular basis to help maintain, steer, and invigorate my ideas. I often feel like I'm not paying her enough because no matter how challenging I find a particular issue she somehow finds a way to over-deliver. To hire her is to do myself a favor, to get a breath of business fresh air."

- Diana Deaver, Emotional Coach & Photographer www.dianadeaver.com

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“It’s rare that I feel this level of confidence working with others.”

Working with Laura has all the perks of working with a close friend: She gets you, she’s on your side, and she will give you the straight dope. It’s rare that I feel this level of confidence working with others.

After every meeting I feel like my world has expanded. I’m refreshed, invigorated, and eager to process what we covered. The more I learn about human design the more comfortable I am as myself, I feel validated and that translates to being more confident in my business.

-Bee Holleran, Edible Flower Horticulturist & Caterer www.floracocina.com

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“Working with Laura Olsen is one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.”

Laura’s presence, focus and intuitive sense of style created an amazing experience for my new website and rebrand. She was somehow able to create a gorgeous website that gives people a sense of what it’s like working with me. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the modern tech tools that are available to us entrepreneurs has brought ease and flow to my client process. It’s amazing that I look MORE professional while doing LESS busy-work because of the processes she helped me to put in place. This created more time for me to engage in what I’m passionate about. I am overjoyed! 

-Jessica Rueger, Life Coach & Yogi www.jessicarueger.com

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“I WOULD NOT be where I am today in building my business without her guidance.”

Laura has been there, done that and can write a few books about her journey. I met Laura in 2010. She was eager to see me succeed and fall in love with what she also found as her true passion. She included several lessons to make sure I got off on the right foot. So many people just want to sell you something and move on. Laura has a passion for education. She doesn't just want to try something off the cuff and hope it works out, although she certainly can do so and do so very well. She prefers to research and understand her craft, tinker with it, perfect it, but not force an idea or concept. For this reason, Laura has been an invaluable mentor. She patiently has answered many of my questions as I tried first to understand my camera to starting and growing my own photography business. Her depth of resources and knowledge always impresses me. She also has an appreciation of success and failure through her own trials and learning from the trials of others. She knows what works and what doesn't, but more importantly knows that what works for her or another photographer may not work for the rest. She eagerly and effortlessly shares her knowledge of what she has learned, what she has found others have learned and has a genuine desire to help you succeed. I WOULD NOT be any where near where I am today in building my photography business without her guidance.

Tara Lynn, Photographer & Owner, Inbetween the Blinks www.inbetweentheblinks.com

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“Laura translated things for me in ways that I didn’t even know I needed.”

"Laura helped me makes sense of my vision. She translated my thoughts and things that I couldn't shape or envision in ways that I didn't even know that I needed. She took everything that I was trying to articulate and brought it to life and it's more wonderful than I could have hoped for!  

- Francesca Pardini, Life & Health Coach www.francescapardini.com

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You are my tech fairy godmother.

- Ashley Stinson, Energy Worker, Energy Archaeology www.ashleystinson.com

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