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Energetic Design is a blend of chart based systems to really get a clear vision of who you are and how you operate and combining that with the online tools you need to share your brand and message with the world.

Helping others access their unique inner gifts and communicate them to the world is my superpower. Whether through creative coaching, or designing a website, I collaborate with amazing humans with a burning desire to help people. I love working with people who are making this world a better place for all of us.

I’m often called a translator. You have amazing gifts, vast knowledge, and incredible skill… and (statistically speaking) web design, and all the other technical details of online branding and marketing aren’t your skills. I’m able to hear what you’re saying and translate that into messaging and visuals that allow others to understand what you offer and want to work with you!

Insight leads to income

When you double down on your strengths you can go further, faster. Without this knowledge can get stuck in a cycle of trial and error and doing what ‘the gurus’ tell you is the next big thing. This is a treadmill that leads to uncertainty, frustration, burnout, and little to no results for all your efforts. Insight into your unique abilities can help shift you into a new gear that fuels you instead of draining you. You gain a sense of profound confidence which is magnetic.

I make no promises about your income, that is entirely up to you… but what I have seen is my clients feeling the effects of having clarity in their business, confidence in their offerings, and open channels to receive abundance.


How I work

Each project begins by getting a clear sense of who you are and what you’re meant to do in the work through a combination of meditation, intuition, as well as the systems of Human Design, Gene Keys, and (to a lesser degree) astrology.

This gives me insight into how you work energetically and how your energy connects with your business. From there I work with you to create a plan that showcases you, beautifully… that may include all or some of the following:


For You



Energy Basics

Work with your energy to heal

Your Soul’s Purpose

Ideal Life Creation

For Your Business



Strategy Sessions

Web Design


Systems & Scheduling

Website Content & Copy

Graphic Design


Offer & Services Structure


Are you ready to shine who you are?

Now booking Sessions & projects for Spring/ Summer 2019

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Energetic Empowerment Sessions

With a combination of esoteric systems and my own intuition this is an overview of how your energy works and an unfolding of your life’s purpose. 

I can guide you with the information from these systems that have changed my life and the lives of so many others, but it’s up to you to interpret the information I can offer into your life. This is not a substitute for your own inner knowing and intuition. This is not structured to give me the power to tell you what you ‘should do’... but rather a perspective of yourself that can confirm what you know to be true about yourself —who you are, why you’re here, and how you serve... and what is not for you that you can confidently set down. 

Energetic Empowerment

Energetic Empowerment sessions are 90 minute recorded sessions. I look at your Human Design, Gene Keys, and Astrology chart to get a holistic picture of your unique energy signature. I go over the basics of what they reveal about how your energy functions, your intuition, the path your soul chose for this life, and offer some supportive tools for you to help clear away the clutter that the world thrusts on you which could be keeping you from experiencing the fullness of who you are at the core. 


Enlightened Business

In much the same way that you have an energy signature, so does your business. We are in the midst of a global expansion of conscious business wherein people feel called to connect with aligned  businesses. All that means is when you are in alignment with yourself and expressing that in the truest way you can at any time, people are drawn to you. The old way is to go out and “get business”. But this isn’t the only way to be successful and abundant in your business. 

For these sessions I look at your energy and the energy of your business to advise you of ways that you can align the two in ways that draw your ideal clients to you. We identify ways that you’re operating out of integrity with your soul and explore tools that you can use in your communication to be your truest self —out loud— so that people can be attracted to who you are and be served in the way you were made to operate. We’ll go over the language you use, scheduling for your type, tech tools, and systems you can implement that free you to be who you are and manage your business accordingly. 

It’s a whole new way of doing business! 


Energetic Brand Audit

This is not personal, it’s business. 

Just kidding... it’s all personal! But in this session I start “blind” by going into the energy of your business how it is now and reflecting what I intuitively see. This allows you to compare that with your desires so that you can make adjustments that align you with the energy you choose to send into the world.