I call myself a Creative Human.

I hear your vision, feel your essence and to translate that and ground it into reality — through images, web design, or other creative means.

My mission in life is to be creative and foster creativity everywhere I go. From paint to pixels, intention to intuition, I bring the unseen to light for myself and others to impact our world in positive, uplifting ways.

Energetic Design

I have developed a system of getting to the heart of your online business that helps you gain clarity and insight as well as a beautiful online brand.

Energetic Design is a blend of chart based systems to really get a clear vision of who you are and how you operate and combining that with the online tools you need to share your brand and message with the world.

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“I believe that we are our best selves when we are connected to our creativity and sharing it with the world. This little corner of the internet is me sharing my gifts and offering you the encouragement and opportunity to do the same.

From stock images and digital art works, to articles on creativity and alignment, my aim is to encourage and inspire you to be your most creative self out loud and in the world.”


Everything is energy


Calm. Confident. Assured. Clear.

Those are some of the biggest benefits I’ve seen from guiding others through a picture of their energy. It’s about understanding who you are so that you can make decisions that support your being (and your business). When faced with a choice, wouldn’t it feel so good to know the difference between what will serve you or what will sap you? If you were that clear in making decisions, wouldn’t you feel confident making choices, moving forward or removing obstacles as they arise? The awareness of your self and your unique energy helps to quiet the noise of the world and the uncertainty of ‘doing it wrong’.

Everything is energy. We all have a unique way that our energy works. Some people are made for the 9-5 life, others will burnout faster than you can say weekend. Some people are made to work one on one with clients while others are energetically designed to lead large groups and start movements.

With this knowledge about how you are designed to function in the world I can help you develop a strategy for optimizing your unique gifts so you can thrive in your life and business. This strategy informs your messaging, offerings, and a schedule that works for you instead of against you.

They call me the Woo Woo Whisperer


Helping others access their inner gifts and communicate them to the world is my superpower. Whether through creative commissions, coaching, or designing a website, I collaborate with amazing humans with a burning desire to help people. I love working with people who are making this world a better place for all of us.

I’m often called a translator. You have amazing gifts, vast knowledge, and incredible skill… but if the people you desire to serve can’t understand your message, you won’t get far. I work with you to help you communicate our message clearly - in print and online, in visuals and and through language.

To make an impact in the lives of others, you must first know yourself. All truly compelling creativity is from a deep place of inner knowledge. I am an incurable self-development addict steeped in esoteric wisdom. I use this wisdom not only for myself but also to guide my clients in to the deeper truths of their unique callings.

To bring a brand or business to life, I integrate intuitive strategy and analog arts; watercolored content marketing, ink lettered manifestos, and casual copywriting. Weaving together offline arts and online technology develop a product that is unique, soulful, and effective.

Lessons from being in business for over a decade give me the ability to help you create aligned visuals, stories, a brand, and even a life that reflects your true essence. My artistic process is infused with my own special blend of insight, inspiration and information.

Because I believe that the world needs your voice.


Laura is an internationally published photographer, a writer, visual artist, digital designer and Creative Coach certified in therapeutic art. As a lifelong artist, Laura connects her empathic abilities with visuals to bring the subconscious to light. She is releasing her first book, The Soul Seeker's Guide, on the power of Visual Course Setting coming soon. Laura lives in Houston, Texas with her two rescue dogs, Calliope and Clementine, keeping her feet warm as she writes.


Website designed and curated by Laura Olsen. Photography of Laura by incredible photographers: Mel Beddow, Aly Hester, Diana Deaver, and Tara Lynn.