Take Up Space

Taking up space is more than just a physical thing. It’s more than an open posture, though it is that too. This idea is more along the lines of taking your time. It’s ok to speak slowly. Take your time. Ask questions. Open up, nestle in. It’s ok. 

You are worthy to be here. You are enough in every moment. The more you know this the less you have to hurry up and prove it.  

This idea brings to mind the movie ‘In Time’ with Justin Timberlake. The concept is that rich people have all the time they need and poor people have to hurry and hustle because they don’t have enough time. There’s a scene where JT is in a “rich zone” and he’s running and everyone around him is walking slowly, deliberately. He draws strange looks because there’s no need to run here, there’s time. 

This strikes me as a truth about our connection to being enough. If I believe that I am enough, I don’t have to hurry up and prove it to you. I just am. And so I do what is needed for the situation not for my own sense of self. I take my time, remain open, flexible, and undefended. 

Being enough means that I am worthy to be who I am and where I am. I bring my whole self to the situation. I take up space and time. 


Laura Olsen