Keep It Weird

Pep talk.  

If you wanna get to where you want to go (“success”) by being proper, right, by the book, normal, or doing what everyone else is doing... you’re gonna bore yourself and everyone else. 

It’s faster, simpler, and more direct to just accept that you’re weird —just like everyone else— and go with it. Be who you wanna be. Show your flaws, share your quirks. Live out loud. 

Be who you are (right now). 

I add the qualifier ‘right now’ because we are all growing and changing every day. You are truly not the same person you were yesterday, last week, and certainly not who you were last year. 

You’ll never ‘have it all together’ so just allow yourself to be whatever it is that you are now. You’ll change over time and when you are different, you can share that. For now, let go of boring perfection. Strive to just actually be better and show up as you are. 

Who you are now is good enough to begin. 

Let it be imperfect. Let it be weird. It’s more interesting that way.  

Laura Olsen