Writer’s Log Jam

What’s the opposite of writer’s block? Writer’s log jam. There are so many possibilities! So many thoughts vying for attention, all trying to walk through the door at the same time, shoulder to shoulder. I’m talking about big, strong opinions with Johnny Bravo shoulders. 


The best thing for me to do In this situation is:

1. A cup of hot tea. Herbal. Decaf.  

2. Make a list. Boring? Maybe. But simple can be effective. 

3. Breathe. There’s time. Not everything has to be done at once. 

4. Take some sort of small productive action. The only way this gets better is by chipping away at it and making progress. Letting myself off the hook with a huff or allowing overwhelm to win just reinforces the habit of overwhelm. 

I have my tea. I’ve made my list. Still breathing. This is my one small action. 

I’m putting this here for posterity. I’ll refer to it often. I hope it helps you too. Refer to it as often as needed.  

Laura Olsen