Mental Minimalism

The concept of minimalism can be applied to more than just stuff. It’s a concept of minimizing clutter, distraction, and overwhelm, which can be applied to the physical world and mentally. 

There’s a concept of Just in Time vs Just in Case that I find interesting. I bounce between the two.

Just in case information is all the of the things that are interesting that I’d like to know for future use. Someday. Just in case. It’s not necessary now.  

Just in time information is something that directly applies to my current priorities. It’s strategic. I need to know now so that I can take the next step. 

When I feel mentally cluttered, anxious, or a bit overwhelmed I take stock of the influx of information around me. Then I start cutting things out. The mental clarity and focus this practice brings is relaxing. 

Social media, extra podcasts, books about interesting but random topics, are the first to go when I’m reaching for a state of mental minimalism. It creates the white space that I need to focus on moving the needle on the important things.  

Laura Olsen