L2 Thinking

Have you ever been blown away by something simple and obvious? Have you ever exclaimed aloud that flowers are beautiful and make you feel so good when you take time to soak them in?  

When you hear yourself speak the words you know how obvious it is but somehow it’s like you’re discovering it for the first time. Somehow, in this moment, it’s like you know it deeper than you’ve ever known it before. 

When we slow down and are present in the world in which we live, there are so many things to take in that previously rolled off of us like water over parched ground. Without our awareness there are so many things that just flow by us without sinking in.  

I call this L2 Thinking.  

Its like we’ve reached level 2.  

When something sinks in and we “get it” on a much deeper level. The obvious become more than obvious. 

To experience this is to experience life.  

Laura Olsen