Find Proof

Someone recently asked me, “How can I build confidence? Do you have any book recommendations?”

The first thing that came to mind (beyond a slew of great books) was —you don’t need a book, you need PROOF!

I’m sure in your life you have done something awesome. You have persevered, faced a hard time, figured it out... what were those situations?

How did you handle scary and hard things and succeed?

Make a list or journal about it. Look at it often. Focus on where you HAVE been confident and able.

Our brains are always looking for proof. And biologically we’re wired to find negative proof... to keep us safe. But we don’t live lives of constant threat from predators. So, knowing this you can give yourself proof that you CAN do new and scary and hard things.

And the more you remind yourself the more you can access those skills when you need them.

Laura Olsen