Whom Shall I Ask?

When you don’t know something that doesn’t mean that there is no answer, it simply means you have to find out. In this day and age of Google you can discover the answer to questions you know to ask.

But what about all those things you didn’t know you’d need to know?  

Our current search mentality is based on answering questions we know to ask. Google it, answered. Done.  

We refer to “going down the Google rabbit hole” because of a natural human instinct: curiosity. When have an inborn desire to know more.  

And so, when reaching a new precipice in knowledge, a far more useful practice than simply typing the topic into a search bar is to wonder, “Who can I ask?”. Who do you know that might be aware of not only the answer to your known question, but also would know all the other related questions you didn’t even know to ask. 

Laura Olsen