Energy Planning

Humans ebb and flow. We just do.

Some days it’s all forward movement and confidence. Other days, less so. Know. Accept. And plan for ‘off’ days.  

Learn to slow down, not quit.

For the less than energetic days, here’s an option you can try:

Energy planning  

Do a brain dump of all the things you want/need to do. Go ahead, write all of it down. Just the step of getting it out of your head feels better. 

Next, beside each item write a number 1-4 of how much energy each task will require of you.  

Here’s my own breakdown, feel free to adopt it: 

1. High physical and high mental

2. High physical, low mental

3. Low physical, high mental

4. Low physical and low mental

Then on days that you #justcanteven, reach for level 4 items.  

There will be things that must be done on days you don’t feel up to the energy they will require. 

They’ll help you to keep going at a level you can manage and not lose momentum.

Conversely, when you’re all bum and vigor, using that big energy to make a massive push on high energy items can feel like it leaps you lightyears ahead.

We aren’t always afforded the luxury of doing what we feel like doing. But this system accounts for our ebb and flow. It allows you to focus on being productive no matter where your energy level falls.  

The magic in this approach that I have found is; the more you work it, the more freedom you find to be able to work it. Space opens for low days. And energy clears to allow big days to be even bigger.  

Lemme know how it works for you.  

Laura Olsen