Jealousy, Envy, and Discouragement

I heard a new term today from Lacy Phillips that I will henceforth put to extensive use: 


I've long held the idea, but I just love this terminology. Expanders.  

In a nutshell, it’s the idea that anyone you see who has what you want is not your own personal nemesis, they are simply showing you that what you desire is possible. 

Whenever you feel envy or jealousy pop up, and in some cases, discouragement, pay attention! That’s your cue to flip the script! This isn’t bad —it’s actually great news! What you want is possible! 

A peek inside my brain:

Dangit! She’s already doing it! 

Sheesh! Why does she get to have all the fun?

Ugh! Why am I not to that level yet?  

OMG! That’s exactly what I’m trying to do! I guess I can’t now! 

Well, it’s because he/she/they are better/smarter/ prettier/ richer than I am.  

I couldn’t have/ be/ do that! (Sniffle)

Record scratch! STOP THE MUSIC! All of these thoughts are your cue to stop and take note. It is possible. You can have that. These people doing what you want to do, they are your Rodger Banister —this is your four minute mile. 

These people are expanding your energy, your creativity, your determination. Don’t fall into contraction.

Let jealousy, envy, and disappointment expand you.