Building An Asset

My todo list has felt weird lately. A bunch of things to do but to what end? Somehow they disconnected from the greater purpose and just seemed to float on my calendar. You know what I mean? 

That’s when anxiety starts to creep in for me. When I have a bunch of things to do and the underlying reason for them is lost in the shuffle of busy days and deadlines. 

Today I recalled the idea of building an asset. Instead of disparate things, everything you do becomes in service to a greater purpose —your brand asset. For instance, each follower you gain is not only a person to connect to, but they are also a part of an audience for your brand. Your extended voice, your little army of lovers who will share your message wider than you ever could on your own. This is an asset. 

So today, which happens to be Monday in my world, as I planned my week and all of the tasks in it, I reframed each so that it connected to its larger purpose. Instead of “write blog post” I wrote down: “build my blog with one mini post per day”. For items that I had completed but weren’t perfect I wrote: “refine and add to eBook”. 

The energy of my todo list completely shifted! I had a list of items that were helping me achieve my bigger goals! This was not a list of small items that were what I had to get done to make room to do the work of building my brand —this IS the work of building my brand. 

I couldn’t be happier to roll up my sleeves this week!  


Laura Olsen