Tools and Systems

I just lurve me some systems. 

I love the big picture overview of how I operate in the world that a system like Astrology, Human Design, or Gene Keys offers. It’s like a mug with a handle. Something I can grab onto.  

There’s a feeling of comfort in knowing where I fit into a system and confidence that I know myself and can act in accordance with who I choose to be. 

But systems are just tools. 

I have joked before that I could either freak out about everything all the time or I could calm down and just freak out about the energy in the Astrology on any given day. There are other more beneficial ways of working with Astrology but that’s more or less what got me started.  

They are a guide, a framework, that some people, like myself, find useful. 

Take what serves you and leave the rest.

The self awareness gains of looking to the stars to whisper what they see in me to be valuable beyond measure in living a life that prioritizes ease. 


Laura Olsen