The Woo Scale

I’d like to introduce a concept that I would very much like to see catch on. Feel free to casually mention in conversation — the Woo Scale.

Allow me to define what I mean.

Astrology, essential oils, reiki, crystals, even something as benign as meditation — people will often preface their comments with a qualifier such as, “Not to get too woo-woo but…” or “I know this sounds woo-woo, but…”.

I, for one, propose an end to the qualifiers.

Let’s just open up our conversations with an honest assessment of where we fall on the Woo Scale to give the other person or persons in the conversation a clue of our perspectives as we dive in so that we can dispense with the hedging.

We do this all the time in conversations around political affiliation, parenthood, especially when meeting someone new. It’s clarification. For now let’s set aside the discussion of pre-judgement, assumptions, biases and profiling. This is actually a useful conversational tool as a shorthand to understand what kind of person we’re talking to — are they like me? When you get an affirmative nod, you know you’re speaking with a like mind. This greatly shortcuts explanation and adds energy to the exchange. If you get a raised eyebrow, crossed arms, or an eye roll, you can then choose how to proceed. Do you feel confident and safe enough to dive in to a discussion with someone from an differing opinion or temper your words to make your point and move on.

In my mind, the Woo Scale is similar. Personally I’m thinking a percentage or numerical system. I’m 25% Woo or 50% Woo. Or perhaps, “I’m a 2 or 7 on the Woo Scale.” It might have to have a wider audience before adopting specifics 

Recently I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. And so I’ve been introducing the idea of this scale —because, let’s face it, five minutes in and you’re gonna know I’m a bit Woo. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how people open up that side of themselves when I give them “permission to go there” by offering it up. 

I like the feeling of offering the invitation for others to join me in all things Woo. That’s my jam.  

Are you Woo? Me too!  


Laura Olsen