5 Types in Human Design - A Quickie

The 5 Types in Human Design; a super quick overview.

This is a short description of the fives Human Design Types and a tidbit about their Strategy as it is termed in the Human Design vernacular. This just means how they are designed to move forward in the world in alignment with ease and flow. To someone who’s never heard of any of this before it can sound a little strange, but it is incredibly powerful how your life can change when you begin to implement this way of being in the world.

Manifestor - this isn't referencing the common used "manifestor"... this isn't a type of person who can manifest and others can't. This is about initiating new things into the world that weren't there before. These people seem to be five years ahead of everyone else. They are here to initiate new ideas, ways of being, new concepts the best of us haven't even gotten to yet.

Generator - this is a person that generates their own energy. This is the most common type, as most people are Generators. The world is oriented towards this style of being. They have their own battery source that allows them to go, go, go. They are the people here to build what the Manifestor foretold. When a Gen is lit up and on fire, they light up the whole world. Generators are not here to initiate, but are here to respond to the world.

Manifesting Generator - no (wo)man is an island, but a Mani Gen is close. They are a hybrid of the two. They can see things in new ways and the have the internal energy to build those things in the world. Tony Robbins is a famous example. The Mani Gen is a sub type of Generator and as such their strategy is much the same, to respond, but with a twist. They are here to open dialog, initiate conversations.

Projector - while the other three are down on the ground doing #allofthethings the Projectors are here to lead and guide. They have a unique ability to see to the heart of the matter, or the person, and guide them to their highest potential. As a non-energy type, they rely on systems and efficiency to be able to keep up with the others. They are not here to initiate or respond as the others before in this list. The Projector is in alignment with how they are designed when they wait to be recognized for their gifts and are invited to share. This isn’t easy, but when living their design they are incredible wayshowers.

Reflector - the rarest of all the types, the Reflectors are here to show us all how healthy our world is. Sensitive chameleons who can seem to 'disappear' into other people, they function like the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" to show us all where our world is in balance or out of balance. They reflect back to us who we are and what we can't see. The strategy for the Reflector can sound a bit odd to a passerby because it is the furthest from our rapid paced world view. It is suggested that this being wait for a full month (a lunar cycle) before making any bold moves or big decisions. For the rest of us this seems bizarre, but to a Reflector it can feel incredibly freeing.

So you can see that there are clear differences in each of the five types. We are made to work together in the dance of community. No one type is better or worse than another. They are all very uniquely different. This is why Human Design is known as the Science of Differentiation.

Do you find all of this fascinating and want to know more about what type you are? I can help you with that!