New Day, New Way

You haven’t truly learned something until you’ve had a chance to put it into practice.

Learning begins with awareness that something isn’t working for you. Maybe it did in the past, but you can see now that it’s not serving you as you grow into new levels of being. An old pattern or habit is keeping you stuck.

The learning comes from doing. 

Youre faced with a familiar situation and you DO something NEW. Try a new way forward with your awareness that something isn’t working. 

Some people call these tests. You’ve learned and studied, and now is your chance to apply what you know. It’s your chance to have the experience of a new result. You’re so close! 

An old familiar song is playing, will you do the same old dance? Or will you take a different—perhaps scary— action? 

Having the awareness of a new way isn’t the same as taking new action. 

It may not be comfortable, but it’s the only way to keep from going ‘round the same old record.

Laura Olsen