Ember, Flicker, Flame

Knowledge is green. It’s fresh, new, flexible, like a new branch on a tree. 

Wisdom is dry. It’s weathered, time tested, solid, like a dry log ready to catch fire. 

Intuition is the warm glow of an ember within us ready to burn away all that is not true for each one of us individually. All that the world piles inconsequential things in each of us. Superficial things that can smother the glow and suffocate us. Piles and piles of small tinder... like newspapers for a campfire. 

Our intuition... with a little breath and focus... can burn away all of it.

As the embers catch fire a flicker grows. It’s small and needs to be tended.  

It has been said over the ages that our souls are flames. Our soul is our inner fire. And there’s an old Jewish proverb that I love that says, “A candle loses nothing from lighting another candle.” 

It is only when we allow our inner fire to burn away the inconsequential that our inner wisdom can catch fire, and light the way... for ourselves and others.


Laura Olsen