Just in Case vs Just in Time

I love this topic... have I written about it before?  

How do you ingest information? Do you absorb everything “just in case” it might be useful some day? Or do you bookmark everything and make note to go back for it “just in time” for that info to help you? 

Some people live on one side of the divide. In all honesty, I bounce between. I ebb and flow with my mood. Sometimes I’m fascinated by a topic and I suck down everything that I can get my hands on about it. Other times it’s overwhelming... I can’t take it all in. 

Over time the JiC method can feel like drinking from a firehose. I’m drenched and yet still thirsty. But only doing JiT doesn’t satisfy my curiosity craving. It feels kinda like a chocolate craving to me... a deep itch that only gets scratched by the thing I crave.

So here’s two signs that you could benefit from switching sides: 

SIGN 1: Anxiety. Are you spinning, unfocused, overwhelmed and/or anxious? It’s time for an information detox. You aren’t going to make a mistake, drop IQ points or become boring to your friends overnight. Take a few days to switch off your learning brain. 

After a day or two you might notice completely new connections coming forward in your brain! That’s because you’ve switched off your “intake valve” and are allowing data processing to catch up in your grey matter. 

SIGN 2: Boredom. When I’ve been out of the information loop for too long, I notice boredom setting in. I’m restless. New and creative ideas are few and far between. My art and writing become stagnant. 

When I notice these symptoms I know I’m ready to dive back in. I can open up to new ideas, concepts, and information with glee. It sprays out the cobwebs and feels exhilarating!  


So, which one is your default? Have you tried purposefully switching?  

I liken it to a dance. Sometimes I’m on one foot and then I switch to the other. I allow my body and mind to communicate what will serve me in the moment. Sometimes it’s staying in my own thoughts and other times I find joy in the invitation of the thoughts of others.  


Laura Olsen