Growth + Credit

This is a huge topic, but I’m gonna pin some thoughts here for just a minute as I process and write something larger scale.  

When you are growing and learning you’re taking in other sources of knowledge. 

When do you have enough source material combined with inner wisdom to call it your own and when is citing sources not only appropriate but mandatory? 

What defines a truly an original remix and what is a cheap copy?  

Not citing sources comes from fear that you’re not good enough and people will go back to the source. 

Not citing direct quotes, knowledge, and especially art is stealing. 

Stealing from others has the effect of harming the creator. They feel the fear of being stolen from and in many cases (myself included) shrink from sharing in the future. This steals their magic from us all.  

We are not responsible for what others do, we are only responsible for ourselves. 

Can we each look inward when these things happen and look at what it’s calling to within us?  

Is it a call to enforce a boundary?  

Is it a call that the message is bigger than you?  

Is it pointing out that you are done with this topic and are being lead deeper into the work?  


I don’t propose an answer here. Just sticking a pin into a few thoughts that are swimming in my head so I can come back and write something thorough. 

In the meantime, check out these two incredible creators who have started conversations about this topic and propose some solutions in two different areas of the online creative world. 


Kal Barteski

Maria Popova  

Chris-Anne Donnelly of @PixieCurio re-energized this conversation recently. Check her wisdom out on Instagram! 


Laura Olsen