Workshop Recap

Well, that’s a wrap! I can’t believe that it’s come and gone.

This was my first live event in ages.

There is something that I just love about the energy of a gathering of women all intent on creating their futures and doing so with ease and flow.


Using the system that I teach in the workshop is a little meta, but that’s the same system that I used to create the class and set my intentions for the attendees.

Above all, my intention is always that everyone in the room is meant to be there and will take away at least one new bit of information that they can take and apply that would really make a difference in their lives.

And I can’t event tell you how much of it was EXACTLY like it was in my visual pages for this event! I was dumbfounded by how much!

And I also noted where I, personally, could have been more specific and clear in my goal setting and visualization process. Because this is an iterative process, I reflect on what showed up, what I may have been unable to foresee, and what I choose to take away from the experience.

In the end it’s not about the imagery or the layout, it’s about the intention you bring to each page and the vision you hold moving forward. Using creativity opens channels that might otherwise remain closed. While that is amazing, that also requires more of you in the moment too. Showing up to bigger dreams as the same person you were yesterday makes for a few bumps.

In this instance it truly was eye opening just how much further, bigger, and more beautiful this dream became by opening myself up to greater possibilities through art and creativity. I dreamt a bigger dream for myself, I was able to communicate that dream and bring others into it.

Ever onward and upward from here. I learned and grew so much from this entire process start to finish.

I am so grateful to everyone who was there! I loved getting to meet each of you and hear your dreams. I cannot wait to see what opens up for you as a result of this process! (Hit me up on Instagram to share your wins!!)

I can’t wait to do it all over again!

Thank you for the images @AlyHesterPhoto!

Laura Olsen