Accountability Buddy


Dreams, goals, plans… you can do so much alone. But to really empower our dreams and take them to the next level, it helps to have a partner. Having someone else to talk to who you trust to understand and encourage you when things go awry or energy flags.

Do you have a #GoalFriend? Or as I affectionately call mine... my Account-abili-buddy.

Here’s a framework that I use personally that has changed my life:

1. Choose your partner wisely.
Not everyone in your life is suited to this. Choose someone who’s encouraging and positive, someone who gets you and wants to see you win! Someone who’s too real can dampen your enthusiasm and make it harder when the chips are down. Be there for each other.

2. Set a schedule and a channel. 
Regular checkins are the lifeblood of this framework. Decide what works best for all concerned — a schedule you can really stick to. Once a week via text? A bi-weekly call? Decide what works for you best and go ahead and put it on the calendar. Pinky-promise that these meetings are sacred... don’t blow them off!

3. Equal air time.
Set a timer if you need to, but be sure there’s no hogging the spotlight. Your dreams are different but no one is more important that the other.

4. The Reframe.
We all have days when we need to vent. The point of the Reframe is when you stumble you have someone to call to help you see things differently. Your mindset is KEY! When you feel down or defeated reach out for a reframe! Resist the urge to just commiserate! Listen. Acknowledge that sometimes life sucks. And then reach for any silver lining you can find! Then high five and get back to crushing it!

5. Celebrate your wins together!!!
Friendships can easily devolve into “who’s day was worse”. That’s not what an account-abili-buddy relationship is about! This is not as place to hide, play small, or feel like you can’t share the good for fear of judgement! You are amazing! You are making strides towards BIG THINGS! That’s something to celebrate!

These are five simple, but important things you can do to help turn a friendship into a fueling station for your dreams! I hope they help you as much as they have helped me! Feel free to comment below and share any practices that have worked for you!

Laura Olsen