Oh Where to Begin?

It’s not personal, it’s business.  

But don’t the two overlap? My business is personal. It is me, it is of me and through me.  

My business will always be personal. And it’s success inextricably linked to how well I know and show myself.  

The business world is rampant with advice on knowing your customer. I don’t deny that as useful. But it seems to me that that’s not the place to start.  

For me, the only place I can begin is within myself. What am I here to do, first, and then I can identify who I am here to serve.  

And the thing that’s whispered about when the experts aren’t listening is that the work one does, the best work, is for one’s self. We do the thing we need most.  

Healing can only come from the healed, clarity from the clear, the way shown by those who know the terrain.  

Laura Olsen