Ink, language, paint, and pixels are the tools I use. Different messages require different means of communication. I love having a wide array of tools at my disposal to help you bring your message into the world. This menu is a list of some of the ways that we can work together. I work with people and publications who are or desire to use their gifts to make this world better.




Often the first place your potential clients meet you —your website. Using a unique approach, I connect to the essence of you to be able to visually communicate that to your audience. I create visually interesting and compelling websites for entrepreneurs who want to turn browsers into buyers of their product or service. 

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A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes it’s not quite straightforward. Life has layers. Collage is a way of deconstructing what has come before and assembling it in new ways. I love this process for the purposes of communicating a multidimensional message.

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The life blood of digital design is imagery. I create custom imagery for select clients for use in various projects for design and promotion. Lifestyle images from headshots to product and stock photos, I work with you to get the image that visually speaks your message.  Accepting lifestyle sessions in Houston, TX for Spring & Summer 2019.

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From branding and identity design through to custom elements and eBook design I can work with you to bring your vision to life with style and substance. My focus here is continuity. My goal is to create a look and a vibe for you to use in your digital, print and social media marketing so that your marketing is working for you and building recognition.