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Ink, language, paint, and pixels are the tools I use. Different messages require different means of communication. I love having a wide array of tools at my disposal to help you bring your message into the world. This menu is a list of some of the ways that we can work together. I work with people and publications who are or desire to use their gifts to make this world better.


A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes it’s not quite straightforward. Life has layers. Collage is a way of deconstructing what has come before and assembling it in new ways. I love this process for the purposes of communicating a multidimensional message.

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Your digital storefront. Often the first place your potential clients meet you. I create beautiful, compelling websites for entrepreneurs who want to turn browsers into buyers of their product or service. 

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The life blood of digital design is imagery. I create custom imagery for select clients for use in various projects for design and promotion. From lifestyle images to headshots and product photos, I have the ability to work with you to get the image that visually speaks your message. I can create custom photography just for you or you can check out my stock photography catalog.

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From branding and identity design through to custom elements and eBook design I can work with you to bring your vision to life with style and substance. My focus here is continuity. My goal is to create a look and a vibe for you to use in your digital, print and social media marketing so that your marketing is working for you and building recognition. 


Handwriting is dying in this digital age. Creating custom handwritten elements imbues a handcrafted, authentic, ‘real feel’ to your product or design. Beyond using a handwritten font, custom lettering goes beyond the linear to elevate your message. I create graphics the old fashioned way with pen and ink or paint and convert them for the digital world. Bespoke. Artisan. Unique. Original. One-of-a-Kind. 

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When you have something important to say but you just end up thumb-tied. They call me The Translator. I can hear your enthusiasm in our conversations, I know you are incredibly talented and capable! But when you sit down to write it all out it just doesn’t have the same punch. I get it. I can help! Talking about ourselves and our own work is hard!

I work with you to craft a creative message that compels — not sales-y and manipulative, but in a way that draws people in to your message. In this way people are magnetically drawn to your offerings. #TakeMyMoney I hear from clients all the time that I made this daunting task a cinch and the results are a magic blend of their voice and compelling messaging that brings in sales.

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Now accepting select commissions for Spring 2019

I believe so fully in creating a compelling vision of your future that I wrote a whole course about it. And that’s where I begin with any project… what is your vision of where you want to be? When your website, visuals, and images are a reflection of where you are (or worse where you have been) and not a representation of where you’re going… you know it’s time to renovate.

I can’t wait to collaborate to bring you from where you are to your next level!



Custom Intuitive Collage begins at $250

Lifestyle & Branding Photography begins at $500

eBook Design begins at $1,000

Web Design & Identity packages begin at $3,600


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