How do you do sessions? Phone? Skype, Zoom? 

I recommend that at least our first few sessions are on Zoom. It’s a platform that allows us to see each other, connect, and really get to know each other. Most of our human connection and understanding happens outside of words and so I find those first formative sessions are best held when we can see each other! 

Before your session, I will send you a link for you to click to join in the conversation. I record the conversation so that I can send it to you for you to review whenever you want to refer back to it. I don’t expect you to remember everything from our calls and we talk about some really juicy stuff that I want you to get the full benefit from. 


How do I access my call recording? 

You will be sent a link to a Dropbox folder after our first session. This is also where I will deliver further session recordings, resources, and other files such as contracts and invoices.


What is your payment schedule? 

Session fees must be paid prior to our call. Individual sessions can be paid on the day. The link to make payment is included in an overview email that I send prior to us working together. Discounts will be applied to recurring payments... 10% if recurring monthly, 15% if recurring quarterly.


What do I need to bring to our sessions? 

Nothing but an open willing heart, your lovely self, and a strong wifi signal. I recommend that you dispense with note taking so that you can be full present during our call. You’ll have access to it so that you can go back later. But while you are there I recommend staying in the flow of the conversation. 


What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?

I understand that things come up that require us to move things around. I choose to work with people who are committed to themselves and transforming their lives and businesses. And so I have a pretty simple policy… 

  • Notice of cancellation or scheduling change 24 hrs or more is appreciated and can be rescheduled at the next earliest time.

  • Notice under 24 hrs may be rescheduled within 5 days of the missed session time, my schedule permitting, and may result in loss of session fee.

  • No-shows without warning are the full session fee.