Three Sub-Types of Projectors, Defined

Projector Types

So by now you’re familiar with the 5 Human Design Types; Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. they each have their own unique roles to play in this world for the development and evolution of our human consciousness— ya know, no pressure. 

But did you know that theres only one Human Design type that has sub-types? You guessed it... Projectors, it’s us. If you are a projector, the main information about hour type still stands, but you can gain even more insight into how you operate in the world by knowing what sub-type you are. 

I’ll go into a more deeper dive of each type in coming weeks, but here’s some basics you’ll want to know. 

The Three Sub-Types of Projectors, Defined

You can reference your unique Human Design Chart to identify your type with these definitions:


Only two of the top three centers defined... Head, Ajna, Throat.


No motor centers defined, definition is only below the throat.. Spleen, G-Center, Throat.


One or more energy centers defined (root, solar plexus, heart, throat) but not the Sacral center. Can have definition above the throat.

Mental Projector 101

Mental Projectors, or MPs as I’ll refer to them, are deep thinkers. Their energy signature is above the body, in the head. MPs are smart, no doubt about it. They have an incredible, almost super human capacity to ingest large volumes of data and process it with ease. That are adept at learning and can easily fall into the trap of being the ‘perpetual student’. There’s nothing wrong with being a lifelong learner but there is an issue if you’re only taking in information for the joy and stimulation of it and not doing anything with it. To have this gift is to have the responsibility to share and teach what you know. 

Their ultimate journey in this lifetime is to shift from being ‘smart’ to being wise. To be wise is to allow all that ‘head smarts’ and information to settle into a deeper understanding of this world through discernment. With all the energy centers below the throat being open MPs are incredibly perceptive (and susceptible to the energy of others in their environment. They are consciously taking in information and data from their mind and receiving so much data from their openness that they may be unaware as to how this informs their understanding. 

Mental Projectors are the only group that does not have an internal authority. And as such, they are designed to use their computer-like ability to process information when making decisions... even though no decision must ever come from one’s own mind... no matter your type. I’ll dive deeper into this in coming weeks. 

But for now, just know that if you are or know a Mental Projector, they are unusually perceptive and mentally agile. Their design to reach success in this life is directly linked to their ability to get beyond the role of student into sharing what they know. 

Classic Projector 101

By definition you don’t have the pressure of the root center, nor do you have the pressure of a defined head center, and you also have no motors defined. That’s a lot of stuff that you don’t have... so let’s talk about what you do have... you have an ease about you that is unmatched in any other type. Without the constant rush of energy moving, others find it incredibly easy to be in your presence. 

With all of your open centers, you have an incredible ability to perceive things you almost can’t put into words... you just know that you know. Combined with the willingness others feel to share their deepest secrets with you, you become the person everyone goes to be themselves. 

You have the ability, if you so choose, to be the least judgemental of all the types. And, paradoxically, at the same time having a sixth sense for knowing who fuels you and who drains you. Listen to that knowing, it will serve you well. 

Though some would view you as lazy or passive, your lack of energy to carry out the tasks of the world on a consistent basis gives you a leg up on your Projectoriness of being here to lead and guide. So often we develop coping mechanisms that are exactly in line with our strengths and weaknesses. Feel into your abilities and use them to your advantage.

Learning to delegate and supervise will open up a whole new world to you. 

Energy Projector 101

Well hello to you, our busy sister the EP. While a Mental Projector is seemingly a sliver away from a Reflector, you are likely just on the edge of being a Manifestor (which is defined by having a motor connected to the throat). This gives you a zip and snap that the other Projector sub-types don’t have access to. 

But beware of being mistaken for someone who can do it all. Because in the presence of others who complete your circuits you are very susceptible to thinking that you can do #allofthethings. And you are incredibly adept at enormous outputs of energy from those revving motors within you. But without an awareness of when you’ve had enough or have done enough I can bet that you have experienced (or are currently on the road to)... Burnout Town. 

You have a motor (sometimes more than one) that is just sitting there revving like a muscle car at a stop light with an anxious driver. When you are given the green light by someone recognizing and inviting you in... you can shift into a whole other gear of insight, ability, and productiveness. But this output requires immense recharging. 

It is ok to say no to a projector person that just doesn’t feel right to you. Or that person who drops hints about things that need to be done... in hopes that you’ll take them on. I have one word for you... NO. You are no one’s pack-mule. It is perfectly acceptable (no, it’s necessary) to allow yourself downtime to recharge your batteries. Use that incredible energy of yours... for yourself! 

Try it and see... because the next time you are invited into the right opportunity for you... you’ll be able to truly give it your all with joy. 

There is so much more to say about each of these types and I will be digging in a bit more in the coming weeks. But if I had you in front of me know, this is what I would most want you to know and remember about your unique self. 

So much love to you, my dear Projector,


Laura Olsen