Here are my January selections... 

STILL WRITING  By Dani Shapiro

A WRITER'S DIARY By Virginia Woolfe

ON WRITING by Steven King

I'll bet you can't guess what was on my mind! I've been a journal-er nearly all my life. In recent years I have begun to expand the work that I dod with clients from strictly design to editing their content for style and voice. I have found that so many of my clients have amazing things to share with their audience but a part of the process is having someone to translate their words so that their audience can hear what it is that they are trying to say. I picked up Still Writing first because of being involved in just such a project. And I couldn't put it down. Then came the deluge of other writer's memoirs. I think I will share my thoughts on each of them in their own separate post in order to do them justice. But for easy reference, here's the reading list! 

Laura Olsen