Carnelian Mala

Milagro Mala-2696.JPG
Milagro Mala-2696.JPG

Carnelian Mala


Carnelian and Rudraksha Mala with Safron Ombre Silk Tassel. 

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This stone is in the agate family which is known for it's protective energies. It is known to have stabilizing and healing energy. It is associated with reproductive health.

Silver toned metal used for it's hardness and durability. 

A seed known as the 'Tears of Shiva' from a Rudra tree. Traditional material used in the creation of males. They are said to have a spiritual energy that grows with the wearer. They have a wonderful texture for use in meditation. 

Sari Silk Ribbon Tassel
Silk remnants used in the creation of women's saris in India. Recycled, sustainable material. Adds a boho charm to your mala. Natural tumeric dye used to create color.