Intuition Mala

Milagro Mala-2596.JPG
Milagro Mala-2596.JPG

Intuition Mala


Amazonite, Rutilated Quartz and Thuja Wood with pewter and Sahri Silk tassel. 

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Associated with the throat chakra this stone helps you speak your truth with integrity. Trust yourself and your intuition, this stone can help you honor yourself and your desires.

Silver toned metal used for it's hardness and durability. 

Rutilated Quartz
Energize and Amplify! This stone really gets things moving. If you need a little jolt to move things along, this is your stone. Beautiful clear quartz with golden, silver, sometimes pink or green little lightening strikes through the stone. They catch the light beautifully and sparkle. Stimulates manifestation and creativity. 

Sari Silk Ribbon Tassel
Silk remnants used in the creation of women's saris in India. Recycled, sustainable material. Adds a boho charm to your mala. Ends come looped for a unique look (unless noted). You may trim the ends if you prefer. 

Thuja Wood
Known as the 'Tree of Life' these Thuja Wood beads are lightweight, unfinished, and smell like cedar. They are great to keep the mala from becoming to heavy and add a wonderful tactile feel. Because they are unfinished the scent stays with you for a while and they will patina over time adding character to your mala. Not recommended to soak in water, light cloth cleaning only.