We'll go through five phases of creating a plan for you to be unstoppable in 2018. Here's a sneak peek at what we'll cover.


We start with what drives you. Your dreams, what lights you up! You have to have a compelling goal to move you forward. We start with our head in the clouds... but don't worry, we'll match that with practicality later. 


What do your dreams need from you in order for you to keep going? This is where we sprinkle in a little reality...What are the numbers? We dive in to be sure that your dreams aren't just cotton candy clouds in the sky. 


If this were a math equation your dreams + your target = your VISION. This is where you get to connect with WHY you are doing all of this in the first place. This is where it all starts to come together.


What do you need to create this year to bring that vision to life? This is the fun part! You can create anything that you want to in your life and business. Now, don't worry, I'm not going to let you cover your walls in crayon drawings of possibility. We are going to do this strategically. You could go broke investing in a million things that you don't need in order to get clients. This is where all of this is leading... what makes sense to tackle now and what is better left until later? And how much later? We tackle all of this.


Now that you've made some decisions it's time to make your map. All of the dreaming and possibility is fun, but I want to make sure that you have the most productive year possible! Sure, life comes up and plans change and maybe you're one of those magic people with an inborn GPS... but the rest of us normal humans need a map to make it from point A to point B. This is especially important when life throws us detours! 


So now that you're all hopped up on possibility and the promise of a bright, shiny new year and you're armed with your roadmap to the life and business of your dreams NOTHING can stop you now! Right? Uh... need I remind you what happen last time? So why don't we go ahead and just mark a little refocus time on our calendars now, shall we? It has been said that the fortune is in the follow up. You'll get a follow up check-in from me once per quarter for the year of 2018 to help keep ya focused on the prize.