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Curate - a look that is uniquely yours
    Photography and Design
    Curate the building blocks of your business and brand
If you want your clients to take you seriously, you’ve got to set yourself apart online. The way that you do this is by curating an online world that is a reflection of you! This is where you are able to be fully yourself. The more you are truly and authentically yourself the more your message can resonate with people and they will be dying to work with you. This is your snow globe that you create in which to live in your little online world. 
I love working with people with big dreams. We work together to translate that dream into a visual reality.  From photoshoot planning to graphics creation, I can help you curate the world of your dreams for your web presence. Oh, don’t have one of those or you can’t manage the one that you have? I can help with that too… Captivate your audience…