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Hi there! I'm Laura Olsen, Creative Human and Brand Strategist at your service. 

I assist soulful creatives with the "techie piece" of running their business online. You got into business to do what you do not to learn how to build a website or make a logo... that's what I do.

I call myself the translator. I hear what you say about yourself and your business --and what you don't say-- then I translate it into language and visuals that brings all the clients to the yard.

I work with clients who have a burning desire to get their message wellness and alignment into the world where they can help to make a difference. 


To bring a brand or business to life, Laura integrates strategy and analog arts; watercolored content marketing and ink lettered manifestos. She uses offline arts and online technology develop a product that is unique, soulful, and effective.

Lifelong creative, internationally published photographer, she uses lessons from being in business for over a decade to help entrepreneurs and creatives to create brands and lives that reflect their true essence and connect with a world in need of their voice. Her artistic process is infused with her own special blend of insight, inspiration and information.

A transplant from Charleston, SC she currently resides win Houston, TX with her four-legged sidekick Calliope.